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2016/7 Run details

We have divided all information about the January 2017 race in bite size chapters. Simply click on any of the chapters below and start reading to gather all the info you need on this years' Stoke Stampede. The race will be held on the Sunday between Christmas and New Year.

Race details

This page summarizes when &  where the race will be held as well as key entry information.

Course details

A basic description of where you will run including a map visualising the figure 8 course.

How do I register ? 

Registration information, deadlines, entry fees. All that can be read in this chapter.

Medals & Prizes to be won

We pride ourselves in attracting runners because they like the run, they love the date and appreciate the atmosphere. The fact that we hand out winners medals and some prizes is a bonus. New for January 2017 ; All finishers will get a medal too.

General rules & regulations

We don't do small print. Still we advise you to read this chapter so you are well prepared.

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* * * * * We are praised for our safe, friendly and well marshalled course * * * * *

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